My Apple IIgs

My GS has been around since early 1988. I purchased the base system (CPU, Monitor, 3.5 Floppy and Imagewriter II) at Macy's department store. The whole package cost me about $1,800.00, but Apple was giving a $200.00 mail in rebate. It was a good price at the time! It replaced a //c that I bought at Cost Cutters, also as a package which included the dreaded green monitor, and the even more dreaded SCRIBE color printer! That whole package cost $699.00, which was a REAL steal.

As it sits on its own little desk, my GS has:

    * ROM 01

    * 4 Megs RAM

    * 9 MHz ZIP accelerator

    * Apple DMA SCSI with 330 Meg external SCSI Drive

    * Dual High Desity (1.44) Floppies with the Apple HD controler card

    * Computer Eyes GS

    * Apple CD-300

    * Apple SC-40 Tape Drive

    * PC Transporter (remember those?) 

I currently have the GS hooked up to an Appletalk Network, which is served by an SE/30. I also have a pentium clone thing that I put together, which is intermitantly on the Appletalk Network (via the Appletalk PC card from way back). I'll have to get you a picture of the whole mess!

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